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Offroad Motorcycle Coaching 

Our Offroad Motorcycling Coaching Sessions are led by Motorcycling Australia accredited coaches. We offer both individual and group coaching options, with personalised attention and guidance to improve your confidence and skills on the bike. You will develop a solid foundation of fundamental offroad riding skills, learn safety practices, and gain confidence in navigating diverse terrains and obstacles. Our coaches focus on identifying areas of improvement for each rider and then throughout the day we correct these behaviours. We also provide individualised videos of the session for each rider, which recap and provide key skills and techniques to focus on following your coaching session.

Our sessions cover:

  • Body Positioning - We'll teach you the correct riding techniques in both standing and sitting positions. Correct body positions are the cornerstone of building safe and confident riders.

  • Cornering - Whether its sitting or standing, without the correct techniques, cornering can be intimidating. Let us help your riding with the correct techniques and bring confidence and speed back to your riding.

  • Slow speed control - Correctly utilising the clutch, brakes and throttle make a massive difference in your ability to ride a bike comfortably and safely. We'll safely teach you how to utilise all of your controls to maximise your riding.

  • Braking basics - We can only go as quick as we can stop. Learning the difference between the engine, front, rear & combined brakes is essential for being able to safely stop when offroad. We'll show you how to maximise your braking, while still maintain safe control of the bike.

  • Obstacles - Hills, ruts, logs, and anything else we can find to ride up, on or over. We will show you the correct techniques to get you through any obstacle safely out on the trail. 

  • Reading the terrain - Often an overlooked skill on a motorcycle, the ability to read the terrain and make the necessary adjustments to suit, can make the world of difference in adventure riding. We'll teach you how to read and interpret different terrains and situations that you will encounter while off-road riding. 

We offer two different coaching options:

  • Small group coaching (6-7hrs in duration)  - $200 - This coaching session focuses on the skills and techniques needed to improve your riding on both enduro and adventure bikes. We spend the session running through drills and exercises for each skillset and hone in on the techniques you need to improve to take your riding to the next level. There are maximum of 4 spots available for these coaching days

  • Private 1 on 1 coaching (6-7hrs in duration)  - $450This coaching session is more relaxed than our 4hr skills coaching and is conducted as a part of a local ride. We stop regularly and provide coaching along the way in different scenarios and terrain changes. Lunch is provided as part of this tour.

These sessions are booked on demand and are available with both a hire bike or bring your own bike options. Please use the Contact Us button below to speak to our team about booking a session.


*Hire bikes (Honda CRF300L) are available for both of these coaching options for an additional $200*

About coaching

What you need to bring

  • Your motorcycle licence (motorcycle learners is ok)

  • Riding gear – (we can provide hire gear for $50)

  • Hydration backpack (we provide as part of hire gear package)


What’s Included

  • Photos and videos of the tour

  • Experienced offroad motorcycle coach


What’s not included.

  • Personal rider insurance

  • Breakfast or dinner

  • Alcoholic drinks


Minimum skill requirements.

  • Motorcycle licence (learners are ok)

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Small group coaching

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