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How do we grade our rides?

We often get questions about what skill level people need to join our rides, so here's a summary of how we grade skill levels.

Grade 1 - Newbie: Riders at this level are new to off-road motorcycling and typically have basic skills. They are not confident on a motorcycle offroad and wouldn't be comfortable riding on a highway at 100kmph or a dirt road at 80kmph. A newbie hasn't ridden anything other than bitumen or a smooth dirt road and would not be comfortable riding 4x4 tracks with changing terrain such as light sand, mud, gravel, small rocks ect.

Grade 2 - Beginner: Beginners can handle slightly more challenging terrains than rookies. They encounter moderate obstacles like gravel, small rocks, light sand, small hills and a small creek crossing (less than 1ft deep). As a beginner, you are adept at riding on highways at speeds up to 100km/h and can manage 80km/h on dirt roads suitable for 2WD vehicles travelling at 100km/h. You have the stamina to ride continuously for up to 1 hour before taking a break or stopping for lunch during a full day's ride of 7-8 hours. Your basic fitness level allows you to handle multiple consecutive days of motorcycle riding.

Grade 3 - Intermediate: Intermediate riders tackle diverse terrains with confidence. They navigate through loose gravel, larger rocks, and shallow water crossings (3ft deep), capable of handling moderate challenges independently. You're not the fastest rider but are confident in all offroad conditions such as sand, mud, water crossings and single track. You possess a good level of fitness and could ride these conditions all day (7-8hrs).

Grade 4 - Advanced: Advanced riders excel in handling very challenging terrains. They are skilled in maneuvering through deep mud, steep inclines, large rocks, and difficult water crossings, requiring advanced technical skills and experience. You're a seasoned skilled rider who has either done

  • Long multi-day adv rides unsupported

  • Raced an enduro, motocross or desert race before.

  • Ridden for years through all terrain available i.e single trail, hills, mud, deep sand ect.

As an advanced rider, you're going to give our team a run for their money and want to ride the hardest tracks we have.

Multi-day rides

Our multi-day rides are not the place to be experiencing offroad riding for the first time, we often cover distances from 300-450km per day over a 7-8hrs period and require a good level of fitness and basic offroad riding experience. Our team are always on hand to help, but as we strive to provide all of our customers with an adventure, our multi-day rides are not suited to Newbies unless advertised as a "newbie rider" (See grading below).

If you're unsure about your skill level, please contact us before booking a multi-day ride. We love everyone to have fun and be comfortable on an adventure, the last thing we want is a rider out of their depth and having to sit in the support vehicle.

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