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Protect your digits with hand guards

Nothing will ruin a day of riding like a broken lever or a smashed finger, especially with those trees that seem to jump out in front of us. That's why a good set of hand guards are worth their weight in gold. There are lots of different brands of hand guards out on the market, but in my opinion a good set must meet the following criteria

  • Solid mounting to avoid spinning on the bars

  • Strong metal supports ( Solid plastic ones tend to bend and break quite easily)

  • Look modern and clean ( We all know that looking good is the most important part of riding)

After reviewing multiple models and brands of hand guards, we've chosen Barkbusters for our fleet bikes. Their hand guards have a solid metal backbone, with one end screwing into the bar end and the other clamping onto the handlebars. Barkbusters also make a specific set just to suit the Honda CRF300L and the Rally model, where as other brands using a generic model can interfere with the front brake line routing. We've chosen their Jet model of hand guard, which matches the style of the bikes plastics. As we've upgraded the stock bars on our bikes to a tapered fat bar, we also needed to purchase the tapered bar mounts to suit the wider bend handlebars.

Installation was a piece of cake and was completed in under two beers time. With this combination, we are confident that our levers will stay protected and our customers fingers will remain in one piece in spite of any jumping trees.

Heres our build list

  • Hardware Kit – Two Point Mount (BHG-093)

  • JET Plastic Guards Only - (JET-003)

  • Handlebar Clamp Kit (Tapered) - (BTC-06)

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