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Raising the bar.

The stock cockpit on the Honda CRF300L can feel quite cramped and small, especially for taller riders. The rider triangle doesn't feel correct and can often make taller riders feel like they are riding a kids bike, this combined with the fact that the stock handlebars are about as strong as a piece of soft cheese, means that we need to make some upgrades before these bikes hit the trails.

First off, we need to fit an oversize bar adaptor to change the handlebar clamps from 22mm (Standard) to 28mm (Oversize), we've chosen the RHK UNI STYLE bar mount which also raises the clamp height by approx. 10mm. Now that's sorted, its time for the upgraded handlebars. We've chosen the CR MID bend in the Contour range by Protaper (There are reports that raising the bars too much can cause issues with the throttle cables being pulled too tight). These handlebars are quite neutral in sweep and feel relatively the same as the stock handlebars beside the height change approx. 15-20mm taller, they are also much stronger than the stock bars and unlikely to be bent or broken in a normal crash.

After the test ride, the changes are dramatic. The cockpit now feels more open and less cramped, we no longer feel like our knees are hitting our elbows and its much easier to be in the correct riding position with out elbows up. When standing, we no longer feel like we are hunched over the bike and can now stand up in the "attack" position more comfortably. Overall these changes will make our bikes more comfortable to ride over long distances and provide the peace of mind that they can withstand anything our customers throw at them.

Build list

Bar Clamp Adapters - RHK UNI STYLE BAR MOUNT - P/N RHKBMK-01

Oversize handlebars - Protaper Contour CR MID bar bend - PT020345

If you'd like to learn more about what hand guards we've chosen, check out this article

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